Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I have not posted for ages. A year ago , I became interested in making jewellery and in particular Buddhist Malas that are used for chanting.  The malas have 108 beads. Each bead is used to visualize as one chants the individual mantra of a specific spiritual force such as Vajrasattva or Kuan Yin. I made so many malas that I went to craft fairs to recoup my costs. Here is a craft fair I attended last spring in Mckenzie that was held in the community centre hockey rink.  Last year I applied for a $25,000 dollar federal government grant to purchase a portable television and editing studio to record the digital history of immigrant seniors to record their stories as a legacy project for their children and future generations.  In March of 2017 , my funding proposal was approved  and I now have one year to record the digital history of 30 seniors who reside in Calgary. By mid June the studio should be up and running. People being interviewed are between the ages of 60 and 105.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I joined a Seniors project initiated by Calgary Family Services called the Elder Service Corps. The nine month course instructs Seniors on how to become community activists and leaders in the community.  A facilitator mentors the Seniors in role playing activities to show the members how to recruit members into forming a community project of their own choosing.
I became involved in the Elder Service Corps through our Winston Heights Community Centre last year when I joined the Winston Heights garden committee to help build the community garden. Here I am standing in front of my community garden bed in August. I found out their were therapeutic yoga classes being held at the community centre twice a week and it was at the yoga classes that I was approached to join the elder service corps project.  My project with another senior is to develop a historical digital history of the Filipino and Chinese Community in Calgary that will be multi-generational to preserve the cultural legacy of these communities with the emphasis on education of the ethnic communities and to disseminate the cultural history to the greater community to foster tolerance and understanding with respect to the Canadian mosaic.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winston Heights Community Garden

Here is a fall picture of the Winston Heights Community Garden. The garden committee raised $170,000 and spent $160,000 dollars in building 52 four by eight community garden beds that were rented out for 50 dollars a year.  The city of Calgary installed a watering system with water spigots so water was available. The community members used their sweat equity to build all the beds. I myself rented a bed.  In my community bed 10 tomato plants produced over 450 cherry roma tomatoes.

As of August 15, 2015 here is my garden plot.  Sunflowers were seven feet tall. Other vegetables in the plot included carrots, lettuce, broccoli, beans, Chinese peas, collarabi , and tomatoes. Shortly after this photo was taken I pruned the majority of the tomato leaves from the tomato plants and just left the green tomatoes exposed. Green tomatoes photosynthesize like the green leaves. By trimming off the leaves more energy and nutrients flow into the tomatoes making them larger and since they are exposed to the sun they ripen on the vine.

My New Projects

It has been several months since I last blogged an item. I have become involved in several projects such doing a corporate video for Suncor in November of 2015 and then the oil patch crumbled so thus ended future projects.  I have become a Buddhist and a follower of the Pai Yuin True Buddha school who recognizes Sheng Len Lu as the true living Buddha.  The Buddhism that I follow is the tantric Buddhism that  follows a lineage of Padamakura. I am also on the Winston Heights community garden committee that created 52 organic gardening beds in the community centre. I am also a director on the Calgary Lees' Association and hoping to help revitalize the 100 year old benevolent association that still exists in Calgary's Chinatown. I have also been tutoring Buddhist monks in reading, writing and speaking English that will assist them in communication Buddhism in the English language. I have also joined a community group called the Elder Service corps dedicated to forming community projects to give back community service to the community. I still maintain my greenhouse that has expanded to include tropical fish, orchids, house plants and growing bedding plants for the summer. I have one of the few greenhouses that have fig trees that produce figs.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Tomato Update

I was in my greenhouse and I realized in three short months it will be time to start growing tomato seedlings to plant in May.   I am already growing some hyacinths and gladiolus in pots so I will have some flowering plants by the end of May.   Click on my Horticultural blogsite for an update  on what occurred with the tomatoes, I grew this year. Six varieties of tomatoes


The Nature of Lying

I have not made a posting in a couple of months.  I have been preoccupied with different projects. I have begun attending a Saturday meditation class at a Buddhist Temple. Buddhism does not conflict with Christian, Jewish or Islamic beliefs; however I find the afore mentioned religions present various misconceptions about Buddhism.  I discovered that Buddhism is not a religion but has been classified as a religion by other institutions.  Just as there are many different forms of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, the same is true of different schools of Buddhism.  In searching for the Truth or the meaning of one's existence, people turn to different religions or belief systems and the answer is found within oneself as you come to terms with your own personal beliefs.  In our world one is constantly being deceived, so it is difficult at times to perceive what is the Truth.  I recently reread a book by Sissela Bok entitled  "Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life"  that describes the different forms of lies that are perpetuated in our society, and institutions.  I have summarized the different forms of lying from her book in a topical outline.  If you click on the following link you will find my outline of lies:   Types Of Lies

If one wants to learn more about deception one should read Noam Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent".   After reading this documentary one can view all governments and all major corporations with eyes wide open and do not allow oneself to become manipulated into becoming subservient worker bees.

Here is a picture of the Leshan Buddha that is near Chengdu in Sichuan Province. Notice that the people at the base of the Buddha, the people do not even come up to the Buddha's  big toe. The Leshan Buddah is now the largest statue of a Buddha in the world,.The largest Buddha in the world was in Afghanistan but the radical Pashtun Afghans, known as the Taliban blew it up with dynamite because they saw the Buddha as an affront to their Jihadist Islamic fundamentalist beliefs. Statues of Buddhas are not idols to be worshipped. Buddhists use the statues to help them visualize the powers of enlightenment when they meditate to gain inner peace.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chinatown Calgary

A walking tour of Calgary's Chinatown in the down town core only takes an hour. Chinatown is situated on Centre street where all four quadrants of the city intersect.
Chinatown Calgary     Click on the link to view the short video.