Monday, January 12, 2015

Tomato Update

I was in my greenhouse and I realized in three short months it will be time to start growing tomato seedlings to plant in May.   I am already growing some hyacinths and gladiolus in pots so I will have some flowering plants by the end of May.   Click on my Horticultural blogsite for an update  on what occurred with the tomatoes, I grew this year. Six varieties of tomatoes


The Nature of Lying

I have not made a posting in a couple of months.  I have been preoccupied with different projects. I have begun attending a Saturday meditation class at a Buddhist Temple. Buddhism does not conflict with Christian, Jewish or Islamic beliefs; however I find the afore mentioned religions present various misconceptions about Buddhism.  I discovered that Buddhism is not a religion but has been classified as a religion by other institutions.  Just as there are many different forms of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, the same is true of different schools of Buddhism.  In searching for the Truth or the meaning of one's existence, people turn to different religions or belief systems and the answer is found within oneself as you come to terms with your own personal beliefs.  In our world one is constantly being deceived, so it is difficult at times to perceive what is the Truth.  I recently reread a book by Sissela Bok entitled  "Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life"  that describes the different forms of lies that are perpetuated in our society, and institutions.  I have summarized the different forms of lying from her book in a topical outline.  If you click on the following link you will find my outline of lies:   Types Of Lies

If one wants to learn more about deception one should read Noam Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent".   After reading this documentary one can view all governments and all major corporations with eyes wide open and do not allow oneself to become manipulated into becoming subservient worker bees.

Here is a picture of the Leshan Buddha that is near Chengdu in Sichuan Province. Notice that the people at the base of the Buddha, the people do not even come up to the Buddha's  big toe. The Leshan Buddah is now the largest statue of a Buddha in the world,.The largest Buddha in the world was in Afghanistan but the radical Pashtun Afghans, known as the Taliban blew it up with dynamite because they saw the Buddha as an affront to their Jihadist Islamic fundamentalist beliefs. Statues of Buddhas are not idols to be worshipped. Buddhists use the statues to help them visualize the powers of enlightenment when they meditate to gain inner peace.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chinatown Calgary

A walking tour of Calgary's Chinatown in the down town core only takes an hour. Chinatown is situated on Centre street where all four quadrants of the city intersect.
Chinatown Calgary     Click on the link to view the short video.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Galt Hospital 1891-1955

The first Galt Hospital was built to accommodate six patients but soon increased to fifteen. If there were too many patients, patients were housed outside in tents (only in the summertime). This building was considered modern for the time, with sewer and hot water systems. The water had to be pumped by hand into upstairs tanks.

The hospital was run by the Galt family with Dr. Mewburn as superintendent. A staff of four nurses and 3 lay people were hired to care for the sick. The top floor of the hospital was reserved to accommodate the staff. Being so conveniently located, nurses were on call 24 hours a day.
The Galt Hospital had 4 sources of income: (1) a twenty-five cent deduction per month from the employees of Alberta Railway and Coal Company and the Great Falls and Canada Railway (2) Government grant of 29 cents per free patient per day. (3) a Town of Lethbridge grant of $400 per year, and (4) pay patients--meaning those who could pay.

In 1910 and 1930 additions were made to the hospital and increased the capacity of the hospital to 65 beds. Sir Wilfred Laurier the Prime Minister of Canada came to the opening of the hospital but the coordinator of the opening ceremonies mislaid the key to the front door and  the Prime Minister was not able to open the front door to turn the key in the door to officially open the hospital.

The Galt building has continued to serve the community. The Galt has been at different times a Senior Citizen's Home, Rehabilitation Centre and Health Unit. In 1966, the Sir Alexander Galt Museum moved from the Bowman Arts Centre into the Galt Hospital and occupied the top and bottom floors. In 1979, the Galt Museum & Archives took over the entire building. In 1985, the Galt Museum underwent its first expansion.

Our Lee Family held its 100th anniversary of Lees living in Lethbridge at the Galt Museum. The Museum has a beautiful foyer with a panoramic view of the High Level Bridge, the University of Lethbridge, and the Old Man River valley.  The Lee Family had an open house luncheon and invited the general public to attend the event to meet the Lees who had returned for the reunion. In the evening there was a banquet catered from the University Of Lethbridge food services that was operated by Aramark.   The Chef who prepared the meal was Charles Parker who had the distinction for cooking for the Queen of England.   If you look at one of my previous videos in my blog , you will see the foyer of the Galt museum with the Lee relatives.

I recently visited the Galt Museum in October and went on a guided tour of the museum. You can view the tour I took as I videotaped parts of the tour in the video post below .

The Galt Museum

Friday, September 5, 2014

Der Soon Yet

My Grandmother's maiden name was Der Soon Yet who was married to Lee Duck . I flew to Kelowna this summer to meet with Tom Soon who was 95 years old and was a baby when my Grandmother was their servant girl at the age of 15.  My grandmother at the age of two months was sold to a wealthy Chinese family in Guangdong Province to pay off a debt and became an indentured servant girl to a new born girl of the same age who belonged to the wealthy family. My grandmother grew up with the new born girl for 15 years.  At age 15, the girl from the wealthy family was betrothed in an arranged marriage to a 30 year old Chinese businessman living in Vancouver who paid for the passage of his 15 year old bride and my grandmother the 15 year old servant girl to come to Canada who was Tom Soon's father.  The young bride at age 16 gave birth to  Tom's eldest brother
and it was my Grandmother's responsibility to look after the new born baby.  I remember my Grandmother telling me , that a Soon family member came to her while she was looking after the new born and said there was a gentlemen in the next room who was looking for a wife and if she wanted to she had the choice of marrying this man or she could remain their servant girl.  My grandmother took a peek and saw her future husband Lee Duck and thought he looked so handsome in his wide brimmed hat, his nice white suit and the spats on his shoes. She thought I might as well have my own babies rather than look after someone else's babies.  My grandmother's brother who was a Der tried to buy her back from the Soon's because he did not want her to marry Lee Duck but Soon had struck a business deal with my Grandfather Lee Duck to purchase my grandmother so Soon could recoup the passage fees and probably the Head tax fees for bringing over my Grandmother. So in summary my grandmother was bought and sold three times.  My grandmother gave birth to six children in Canada---three boys and three girls.  From these children came a host of cousins and I have fond memories of our family get togethers with all the cousins.  We just had a family reunion in Lethbridge to commemorate 100 years of Lee's living in Lethbridge from 1914 to 2014.  Four generations of Lee descendants came from ages  8 weeks,  1 to 2 years,  4 to 10,  12 to 18,  25 to 65 and the elders 85 to 95.  Relatives came from Beijing, Melbourne, New York, Toronto. Utah, Colorado, Vancouver, Edmonton, Red Deer, Victoria, Lethbridge, Taber, Kelowna, Kingston, Whitehorse for a three day reunion.  Below is a picture of Der Soon Yet at about age 18. She is just a gorgeous beautiful girl , no wonder my Grandfather wanted her as his bride. My grandmother was one tough resilient lady. I remember my Grandmother when I was six years old and was present at her funeral when she died and I was in my late teens.  She knew the names of all her grandchildren and great grandchildren and loved them all.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Lazy Lee's Self-Watering Tomato System Video

I created a short video with power point notes that explains how to build the six different types of tomato watering systems. I found the single pot watering system and the water bucket system as the best systems for growing tomatoes.